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Data security is a moral and legal responsibility for businesses. It's essential for staying competitive to protect your intellectual property. We provide next gen IT Security & Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Your security matters.

To find your weaknesses and create a preventative approach, start with an evaluation from our Cybersecurity Consulting Services at Virtual Help Desk . Hire Our cybersecurity experts Now! 

We serve as the dependable go-to partner for our clients, delivering cutting-edge knowledge of the current threat environment. Whether you need help with Penetration Testing, Virtual CISO, or 24×7 network security monitoring, let us operate as an extension of your team.

Identify issues if you suspect you've been hacked.

Managed Detection and Response

We combine CrowdStrike, the top breach protection tool, with 100% additional threat hunting and response services available around-the-clock.

Virtual CISO

We may serve as your virtual chief information security officer (vCISO), providing your business with cyber security professionals knowledge that will help you develop an advanced cyber security programme and significantly lower risk.

Penetration Testing

Before a hacker has a chance to access your network or computer system, our penetration testing team can find cybersecurity flaws. We'll identify vulnerabilities in your network, applications, and devices.

Cyber Security Consulting

Our Cyber Security Consultant provides your company with support thanks to our many years of experience working on projects for some of the biggest companies in the globe.

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We help small and medium-sized enterprises cut their annual spending on technical employees by 80–90%.

Cyber Security strategies for your business

The correct cyber security rules and processes maximise your website’s availability while minimising computer system downtime, which increases employee productivity. By protecting computers and electronics from viruses, you increase equipment longevity and delay the need for replacement. Additionally, when consumer confidence rises, your ability to draw in and keep customers increases.

Entry Level

per month
$ 1200

To have a team of certified security professional

monthly reporting

Monthly reporting on all the work

reduced operational costs

Reduce technical staff costs by 80–90% annually


Dedicated Expert

per month
$ 1500

To have a dedicated security expert

monthly reporting

Monthly reporting on all the work

reduced operational costs

Reduce technical staff costs by 80–90% annually

Cybersecurity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the practice of defending computers, networks, programs and data from malicious attacks. It includes technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and programs from digital attacks. Cyber safety and security requires multiple layers of protection including firewalls and secure passwords as well as user education on internet safety practices. It also involves creating contingencies in the event

Why choose Virtual Help Desk Cyber Security services?

Virtual Help Desk Cyber Security services are the perfect choice for businesses looking to protect their data and eliminate potential risks. Our experienced team of experts utilize the latest technologies and strategies to ensure your business is well-protected from cyber threats. With our 24/7 monitoring and response system, we will ensure that any potential security issues are addressed quickly, providing you with peace of mind

What is the experience for the cyber  team?

Our cyber team has a high level of expertise and technological knowledge. It involves working closely with other members of the organization to ensure proper security measures are in place, monitoring systems for suspicious activity, investigating and responding to potential threats, and staying abreast of emerging trends in cybersecurity. In order to be successful on the cyber team, members must be dedicated to their work.

How will we communicate together?

We will communicate together via email, phone calls, and video conferencing. Email is the preferred communication method as it allows us to easily track messages and store them for future reference. Phone calls are also an effective way to discuss more complex topics or when discussing urgent matters that require a quick response. Video conferencing can be used for face-to-face meetings


What cyber security technologies are you using?

We use a number of cyber security technologies to protect our customers’ data. We utilize firewalls, antivirus software, malware protection, encryption, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Additionally, our team is trained in the latest cyber security best practices. This helps us respond quickly to any potential threats and ensure that our systems remain safe and secure.