About Us

Virtual HelpDesk, using a Remote model to provide IT support & Security to small, mid-sized and global organizations.

Support & Secure everything

A virtual IT & Security department is offered by our IT specialists to support & Secure all your Technical stuffs

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Our goal is to support your company Infra or secure business data.

Small to Large organisations love our virtual helpdesk support, but SMBs and start-ups find greater value in leveraging our pay as you go basis remote technical support and technical support staff. VH are tailored to business needs and goals, and our clients grow their businesses as a result.

What we offer

We support businesses with their IT budgeting, infrastructure planning & support, pen-testing, preparing security measurements in accordance with appropriate governmental guidelines, contingency planning, and audits. 


Our team

Our technical professionals and subject matter experts often provide recognised businesses with industry expertise as well as advice on best practises.

lower cost of IT Support

We assist small and medium-sized businesses in reducing technical staff costs by 80–90% annually.

monthly reporting

We offer monthly reporting on all the work our technical staff does.

Upholding 24/7 support, monitoring, & investigation